Birth practice Utrecht

Choosing a midwife in Utrecht is an important step in your pregnancy. The birth of a child is a very special event in your life. How do you know that you are in the care of the right midwife practice in Utrecht that really suits you? It is important that you have confidence in the practice where you will receive antenatal care before the birth of your child.

How will we prepare you for the birth of your child?

Choosing a maternity clinic in Utrecht is certainly not an easy step It’s not something you do on a regular basis, but choosing the right practice is essential. Midwifery Practice Breedstraat is located in the centre of Utrecht and we have assisted many parents through the birth of their child. In our practice we work with a dedicated team of experienced midwives. We believe it is important that the birth of your child takes place in a way that really suits you. Whether at home or in hospital – the choice is yours.

The right care throughout your pregnancy

Throughout your pregnancy, we will provide you with comprehensive information about childbirth. We have made an information video for you to watch together. We will also tell you in advance how we will manage the birth. So that you know what to expect from us. During an antenatal class you will be given lots of information about what to expect during the birth. All the information and knowledge you receive can then be translated into your birth preferences document. Towards the end of your pregnancy, we will discuss your birth preferences with you. We make sure that all the midwives are well informed by adding the document to your file and sharing it within the practice.

Home birth in Utrecht

You decide where you want to give birth. In our practice we support both home births and hospital births. If you decide to give birth at home, it is convenient if there is no more than one flight of stairs to the room where your baby will be born. If the bedroom is on the second floor of your house, it is also a good idea to give birth on the ground floor in the living room. It is not uncommon for parents to set up a birthing pool in the living room where their child is born. In Utrecht, many people live in apartments or in places where a car cannot easily reach the front door. If you are unsure whether your home is suitable for a birth, you should discuss this with one of the midwives at our practice.

Hospital birth in Utrecht

You can also choose to have your baby in hospital. From our practice we cooperate with various hospitals in Utrecht (Diakonessenhuis, Antonius Hospital, WKZ). During pregnancy or childbirth, there may be a reason for us to advise you to give birth in hospital.

If you decide to give birth at a hospital without a medical indication, a midwife from the practice will assist you during the birth. If there is a medical indication, the birth will be supervised by a midwife or doctor from one of the hospitals.

We will be happy to discuss this with you in the practice. Or visit this page for more information about the options.

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