Trying to conceive

Healthy Pregnancy

Do you want to get pregnant? It is important to think about your lifestyle before pregnancy. A healthy lifestyle increases the chance of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child. More information about this can be found on the website of


Coming off the pill or other contraception

The pill and NuvaRing – In principle you can continue with the pill or NuvaRing until the moment you want to become pregnant. It is not harmful to the health of the baby or of the mother. But if you have the time, it is recommended to have one or even two periods first, you can then determine more accurately how far along your pregnancy is. For most women, the natural cycle is back on track within six to ten weeks. For others it may take longer. If your period is absent for more than 3 months, please see your doctor.

Implanon – Even after removal of Implanon®, a hormones implant which is placed underneath the skin, is it recommended to wait for your first natural period. Here, the same reasoning applies as those for the pill.

IUD – After the removal of the IUD (Mirena® or copper) the possibility of becoming pregnant is immediate. Neither method affects your natural cycle.

Contraceptive Injection – After the use of injections, it may take nine months to a year before the natural cycle starts up again. Therefore it is good to switch to another form of birth control if you are planning to conceive.


Fertile days

With most women ovulation takes place 2 weeks before the next expected period. The days just before ovulation are your fertile days. If you have a cycle of exactly 28 days, ovulation occurs approximately two weeks after the first day of your last period. Some women can physically feel ovulation. You can also carry out an ovulation test to determine your fertile period.


Folic acid

In the meantime start by taking folic acid to increase your chances of becoming pregnant; this can be purchased from a chemist or pharmacy. It is recommended to start doing this at least 4 weeks before your planned pregnancy. This way you will continue to take folic acid until the tenth week of pregnancy. You can find information on healthy eating, lifestyle and risk factors on our website.

In men, folic acid can be good for the quality of the sperm cells. The sperm cells can get just a little stronger.

Risk factors

Take the test on By taking this test before you attempt to conceive, you will become aware of any possible risk factors. For questions about the result of the test you can of course contact us.


Track your cycle

Make a note of your first day of your most recent period

If you are planning to conceive, it is important to know when your first day of your next period will be. At a later point you can use that information to calculate how far along you are in your pregnancy.


Planning to conceive consultation

If you have questions about planning to conceive, please do not hesitate to contact us or make an appointment. Speak to our assistant for this.


Harmful substances

You regularly come into contact with chemicals on a daily basis. These substances can be endocrine disruptors. If you’re pregnant, it’s important to be mindful of chemical substances. Your baby is sensitive to these outside influences. Not all chemicals are harmful. It depends on the type of substance and the amount you are exposed to.

You should try to avoid contact with the following substances as much as possible:
– nail polish remover with acetone
– paint with turpentine
– hair dye
– airborne chemicals from, for example, new carpeting or a newly painted wall
– pesticides
– chemicals (such as photo-developing fluids)
– products containing plasticizers. Plasticizers make hard plastic and rubber flexible and pliable, as in certain toys or nail polish.