Postnatal period

The postnatal period, after months and months of preparing for the birth, it’s finally over. The birth has been and gone and you can finally begin to enjoy your new baby.

Read more about important attention points during the first night after the birth in this brochure.


The first 8 -10 days

The first 8 to 10 days after the birth is called the postnatal period. Some women experience this period as a large pink cloud, for other women this cloud can be a little less pink. It is a very special, but sometimes difficult time. During this period, looking after your newborn is at the centre of it all but also your physical recovery from the birth. Interrupted sleep can take its toll and feelings of insecurity are not uncommon during this period. It may be a good idea for your partner to take a few days off work during this time. You can then get to know your little one together without too many interruptions. Also during this period the maternity nurse will teach you the best way to look after your baby.


Postnatal care visits

In addition to the help from the maternity nurse, we are responsible for you and your baby during the postnatal period and will visit you 3-4 times to perform the necessary checks. We will also discuss the birth with you, attempt to solve any issues with breastfeeding and answer any other questions. The maternity nurse will be your first port of call if you have any questions and of course she keeps a close eye on your general wellbeing. If there are any concerns, she will notify us so that we can act accordingly. Should any problems or questions arise outside of these visits, please contact us, preferably during the day. If you have given birth in hospital, we will be informed when you are ready to go home. We will then visit you the following day. In busy periods we may arrive a day later than agreed, if this happens, we will let you know.


Physical discomfort

Every woman experiences some degree of physical discomfort during her postnatal period. It may be useful to read up on this subject beforehand, we have listed the most common discomforts.


Heel prick and hearing test

Around day 5-8, a nurse from the consultation bureau (child health centre) will visit you to perform both the heel prick and hearing test on the baby. You do not have to make an appointment, as the visit will be planned automatically once you have registered the birth. During your pregnancy, please read the information on these tests, so you know what to expect and what choices are available with regards to the heel prick. Also please look at this infographic about the heel prick.


Bed risers

Please note: During the postnatal period we require the use of a maternity pack and that the bed is at the correct height (about 70-80 cm or higher). There are a number of other useful items that are available to rent or buy. For more information, click on the Medipoint page.

Do you have questions about the postnatal period or anything else? Please do not hesitate to contact us, click here.