What to arrange?

Maternity care

The maternity nurse assists the midwife during a home birth and continues to care for both mother and child after the birth. She performs the necessary checks on you and your baby during the maternity period.  This also applies after a hospital birth.  Arrange maternity care as soon as possible, preferably before week 16 of your pregnancy. Ask your health insurer about options. We often work together with Koru and Kraaminzicht.


Taking blood

Following your first appointment with us you will have a blood test at your nearest Saltro location. Here you can find all the available locations and opening hours. At one of your first appointments we will provide you with a form that you have to bring to your appointment. Do not forget to bring proof of your health insurance. The brochure ‘Pregnant!‘ explains what your blood will be tested for. Normally, test results will be discussed at your second appointment with us. If results are of any concern, we will contact you as soon as possible.
Note: If you have opted for the NIPT test, you only need to make one appointment at Saltro. You will need to bring 2 forms with you to this Saltro appointment, both printed on paper (not digital). One is for the general blood test and one form is for the NIPT.


Government Checklist

The Dutch government has compiled a handy checklist, listing which matters need arranging, before, during and after the birth.

The checklist also provides a summary of matters relating to benefits, employment, acknowledgement and other legal matters.


Acknowledgement/ naming of the baby

If you and your partner are not married, your partner can acknowledge the child by having themselves registered as parent at your local registry office. Not until the acknowledgment has officially been arranged will your partner be classed as the legal parent.

The easiest way to acknowledge the child is BEFORE the birth. (acknowledgement of unborn foetus) Visit your local registry office and bring proof of ID. Once the foetus has been legally acknowledged you will receive a certificate. He or she must bring this certificate when registering the birth. The acknowledgement will then be processed onto the birth certificate. 

Registry Office contact details:

Stadsplateau 1
Opening hours: 9am to 5pm Mo-Fri (Thu until 9pm)

Please note: Appointment required for afternoons (from 12.00)
Tel: (030) 286 21 45.
For more information please visit www.utrecht.nl.


Maternity Pack

This pack contains a variety of essentials for both the birth and maternity period. You will usually receive this pack from your (additional cover) health insurance.

If you do not receive this package via your health insurer, you will have to purchase the supplies yourself. This also applies when giving birth in hospital. Our brochure about childbirth describes exactly what you need.


Bed risers

For both the birth and the maternity period your bed needs raising to a height of 70 cm. This increase is important for a safe and comfortable working position for the midwife and maternity nurse. You can raise your bed using risers (available from the Home Care store) or crates. A commode or bedpan must also be available. These items can be rented from the Home Care store or Medipoint from the 37th week of your pregnancy.


Parking permit for maternity care

If you live in an area where parking is payable and you have maternity care at home, then the nurse would benefit from a parking discount. You can request a parking discount from Utrecht council. You will need a pregnancy declaration from us. One of our assistants will be happy to provide one.