Welcome at Midwifery Practice Breedstraat

Welcome at Verloskundigenpraktijk Breedstraat

Becoming pregnant, being pregnant, giving birth and the upcoming parenthood. A special and exciting time is dawning, a time which can raise many questions. We are here to provide guidance during the pregnancy, the birth and the maternity period. We can also provide information on planning to conceive.

On this website you can find information regarding planning to conceivepregnancychildbirth and the postnatal period.

Do you want to know more about pregnancy healthcare in the Netherlands, you can check this site. 

Questions? Please come visit us at the practice or contact us.
Hopefully see you soon!

Jonne, Laurie, Tineke, Tineke, Wendela, Eva, Aliet, Saloua & Diana.

Midwives Breedstraat, Utrecht.


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