After 42 weeks

At the beginning of your pregnancy your due date will be calculated. However, this is just an estimate and not a guarantee the baby will be born on that date. A baby may be born between 37 and 42 weeks of pregnancy. In approx. 80% of pregnancies labour starts spontaneously before 41 weeks, without the need for further intervention. In approx. 20% of pregnancies labour starts in the 41st week, with 2-5% ultimately not giving birth before the 42nd week.

So in most cases labour starts after the due date. After the 40th week of pregnancy many women become very eager for labour to begin.  Unfortunately, there are no magical remedies which can induce labour.

Between 40 and 41 weeks, no additional check-ups are required for either yourself or the baby. It does remain important to pay attention to the movement pattern of the baby. You can find more information in this brochure.

Once the due date has been calculated, we will also discuss what checks will be needed after 41 weeks, while taking your individual wishes into consideration. We therefore recommend that around your calculated due date, you read the brochure:  41 weeks pregnant. We will then discuss this information with you at your checkups.