Follow up check

At 6 weeks after the birth we would like to check how you are doing. We also ask for feedback on the care received during your pregnancy, the birth and the maternity period. If any problems occurred, we will discuss with you how these could affect a next pregnancy. If you have any questions of your own, please do ask them.

It is recommended to book your follow up check with the same midwife who was present at the birth. To book your appointment, it is best to contact us a few weeks after the birth. The assistant can then book the appointment for you. The appointment will last approx. 30 minutes, if you think you need more time, please tell the assistant. When booking, please give 3-4 weeks notice.

Depending on how the pregnancy and birth progressed, we may also perform some physical checks during the appointment. For example, take your blood pressure, check for gaps in your abdominal muscles and do an internal vaginal examination. Sometimes we also measure your blood’s iron levels by pricking your finger.

You are of course very welcome to bring your partner and/or children.