Follow up checks

During your pregnancy you will come in for a check up 10 to 12 times. These appointments last approx. 15 minutes each. At every check up we listen to the baby’s heartbeat, measure your blood pressure and look at the growth and the position of the baby.  Around week 22/23 of your pregnancy we will provide you with a pregnancy chart. This is a computer print out of your file. Please bring this chart with you every time you visit us or the hospital. This way you will always carry your own and most recent medical information with you.

During the 2nd trimester you can choose to have the 20 week ultrasound. All relevant information can be found on our webpage ‘Prenatal Screening’.


Baby’s movements

During the check-ups, we will always discuss which movement pattern of the baby is appropriate for each stage of your pregnancy. From 28 weeks it is important that the baby moves every day with the same strength and frequency.  If you are unsure if the baby is moving correctly, please contact us. Please read this brochure about normal moving patterns for each stage of your pregnancy.


Growth check ups

From 28 weeks of pregnancy and at intervals of 2-3 weeks the midwife will externally measure the length of your uterus. This way we can monitor the growth of the uterus. The growth of the uterus is an indication for the growth of the baby. Apart from measuring the uterus, the midwife will also look at the position of the uterus and the baby’s development. 

To get the most accurate measurements of the uterus, it is important that it is not measured by too many different midwives, preferably by two, but a maximum of three. This means that from 28 weeks the checks will be carried out by a group of two midwives. Unfortunately it will be more difficult to make appointments, because there is less choice of midwives. We hope you understand. But you can book your appointments a long time ahead if you prefer. There is no guarantee that the midwife performing your checks will be the same one assisting during the birth. The midwife present at the birth could be any midwife from our team.


Position ultrasound

Around week 30 of your pregnancy we will e-mail you information about the birth. We will go through this information with you around week 35-36.

Around this time we will also perform a position ultrasound. Experience shows that the position of the baby cannot always be determined by hand. Even following the ultrasound, the position of the baby can still change, so there is no 100% certainty.


Can/should my partner come along?

It’s fun and useful when your partner can join you a few times. If you want to bring your children, parents or someone else, that is fine also. Fifteen minutes will pass quickly, but if you need more time, ask for a double appointment.


Introduction to JGZ and whooping cough vaccination

During your pregnancy you can get acquainted with the JGZ, better known as the consultation bureau. The JGZ will work with you in monitoring the development and growth of your child until they are 18 years of age. The JGZ are also there to answer any questions you have about parenting and your child growing up. They are also able to provide your child with vaccinations.

Vaccination during pregnancy is also possible, for example the whooping cough vaccination. This vaccination can be given from week 22 of pregnancy and reduces the risk of your baby contracting whooping cough during the first 3 months after birth. It is important to read the relevant information thoroughly. It will help you make an informed decision. This information can be found on the site ‘22 week vaccination’. The vaccination is included in the vaccination program and is therefore free of charge.

This vaccination is usually offered during your first consult at the JGZ. During this appointment they will also discuss post birth JGZ services. If you don’t want the whooping cough vaccination or you have doubts? You can still book your introductory consult with the JGZ and they will answer any questions you may have about the vaccination. You can book an appointment by calling 030 – 286 33 00, option 2.