What we do

This is how we work on a healthy and strong start for mother and child:

We, the midwives of Breedstraat, want to offer you as parents-to-be the care you need. Together we prepare for the upcoming birth of your child. A birth that will be a positive memory for you as a new parent. That is our mission.


What do we believe in?

  • Women’s rights are still being violated, also in the Netherlands. We believe in women’s rights in maternity care.
  • Autonomy over one’s own pregnancy and care is important for the well-being of women.
  • Pregnancy and childbirth contribute positively to a woman’s identity and form a powerful step towards parenthood and the rest of her life.


Our work method

We are a young and enthusiastic team and are in touch with our clients’ individual needs.     

  • We listen to the individual needs of the expectant parents and they trust our commitment to their wellbeing.
  • We support clients by being transparent and attentive in our approach to them.
  • We treat expectant parents as we would like to be treated ourselves.
  • We guide the expectant parents with our heart and soul during  this life altering event.
  • We experience job satisfaction when our clients are satisfied.
  • We are committed to both our clients’ and our own wellbeing.


What we do

We provide contemporary obstetric care to expectant parents in Utrecht. 
We offer a positive experience and memory of this special period.

  • Our service is important to our clients and we can make a difference for them.
  • We make expectant parents feel confident and ease their concerns about the process of pregnancy and birth.