Our team

Permanent Team

Our team of midwives and practice assistants are at your service 24/7.

Our practice operates with a permanent team of seven midwives: Laurie van der Sluis, Tineke van Solkema, Tineke van den Akker, Eva den Ouden, Aliët van Veelen, Leanne van den Berg and Loise Stell.
We also have our permanent team of support midwives, Diana Jeremias and Saloua Bouchahrouf.

Our practice assistants are glad to help, at the practice and on the phone. They are available on work days between 9am – 1pm and 2pm – 4pm.

Staying up to date

At the practice we hold regular staff meetings to ensure we remain fully informed about our clients and their individual care needs.



We are a training practice and educate students from the Midwifery Academy several weeks a year. If you prefer students NOT to be present at your consultation, please let us know.



We work together with several local hospitals (Diakonessenhuis, WKZ and Antonius hospital). Together with gynaecologist Dr. Verbeek from the Diakonessenhuis we have close contacts about clients who need just a little extra care.

For ultrasounds that we are unable to perform ourselves (such as the 20 week ultrasound) we refer you to our ultrasound centre Focus.

We are in regular contact with lactation consultants Borstvoeding en Meer so that we can provide our clients with the best advice in both bottle and breast feeding.

Our Midwifes

Laurie 2

Laurie van der Sluis
BIG number 69918697903

“We enjoy contributing to a fully informed and positive pregnancy experience”.

Summary: has a master’s degree in Clinical Epidemiology and stands out by her large dose of enthusiasm and energy. She is involved in relevant research projects from the practice’s perspective and enjoys attending summer festivals.

“While I was in France learning the language, I decided that my next step would be towards midwifery. I really enjoy supporting pregnant women and coaching them through the birth. In order to further develop my skills, I completed my master’s degree in ‘Evidence Based Practice’ at the University of Amsterdam. Which entails research into the best possible obstetric care based on valid and reliable evidence”


Tien 3

Tineke van Solkema
BIG number 39916329003

“The release of emotions once a baby has been born is the most beautiful thing there is!”

Summary: raised in East Holland, educated in the North, worked in the West and now settled in the middle of the country. Achieved a master’s degree in health sciences in 2020. Loves city trips, beautiful crockery and walks in the woods.

“After my pharmacy studies of 2 years, I decided to switch to the beautiful profession of midwife.  Years later, I still don’t regret it for a moment. I like the fact that I can provide medical care in a personal and committed way and I get a lot of energy and satisfaction from this wonderful profession. In addition, supporting so many different people, each with their individual needs, expectations and ideas, is extremely varied and challenging. After working in Groningen, the Zaanstreek and Amsterdam, I am now settled in beautiful Utrecht part of a great team at midwifery practice Breedstraat. In May 2021 I experienced our amazing profession from the other side when I gave birth to a son.”

Tinus 2

Tineke van den Akker
BIG number 19920526503

“I find the birth of new life fascinating every time”

Summary: a down-to-earth Northerner who feels completely at home in Utrecht. Enjoys travelling, having dinner with friends and regularly blows off steam during a spinning or boxing class.

“As a child, I was already fascinated by the TV program ‘The Delivery’. Midwifery had always been appealing and after an 18 month study in medicine, I switched to obstetrics. Graduated in Groningen in 2015 and then worked in a Groningen city practice. In 2016 I became part of the best practice in Utrecht: the Breedstraat! I consider it a privilege that I can be present at such a special event in your life, the birth of a child. In my job I find expertise, personal care (genuine) and a healthy dose of humour very important!”

Eva kleiner

Eva den Ouden
BIG number 19922959003

“Being able to contribute to the beautiful experiences of pregnancy, childbirth and the maternity bed is just very special every time”

Summary: an enthusiastic and committed midwife living in Utrecht. Has a healthy dose of a Brabantian no-nonsense attitude, who in addition to her work likes to drink coffee, eat out, exercise and enjoy the sunshine.

“In Maastricht 2013 I started my midwife studies with much enthusiasm and have never regretted my decision. One the most memorable experiences of my studies was an internship in Michigan (USA). In 2018 I joined the Breedstraat team. The fact that as a midwife you are part of a pregnancy, birth and a brand new life coming into the world is just very special. A working day as a midwife is never the same; this variety gives you a boost”

Aliet 2

Aliët van Veelen
BIG number 09927440803

“When I am driving back from another beautiful birth, I am always so happy with this job I get to do”

Summary: Was raised in Amersfoort but lost her heart to beautiful Utrecht. Comes from a large family and enjoys the company of her friends combined with good food and a drink.

“Because I have 2 brothers and 2 sisters, I experienced pregnancy and birth a lot as a child. Joining my mother to see the midwife left a lasting impression on me. At the end of primary school I already knew that I was going to be midwife. I have never regretted my decision, and this job remains the most beautiful profession I know! During an internship in Tanzania I learned to appreciate our Dutch healthcare system, and I am proud that I am able to contribute to that”

Leanne kleiner

Leanne van den Berg
BIG number 79932491703

“Being present at such an intimate period in someone’s life is a privilege.”

Summary: Committed midwife, born and raised in Utrecht, waking up for good coffee, loves cooking and (good) food.

The moment I saw a baby being born for the very first time I knew: this is what I want to do. Obstetrics is the perfect combination of medicine and personal attention. Not one day is the same and there are always new things to learn and discover. A varied working day, filled with down-to-earthness and humour gives me energy. Individual care is an important starting point for me: making sure you feel heard and seen.”

Loise kleiner

Loise in brief: Enthusiastic, travel-minded, creative with a heart for art and women’s rights. Tries to combine these regularly by organising creative projects and goes on annual trips to Uganda to volunteer.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have known I wanted to become a midwife. To achieve this goal, I took a delightful diversions, which was just right for me. During my previous studies, I realised more and more how fascinating I find the pregnant woman. I love physiology and have learnt through experiences abroad that sometimes obstetrics can also be done without a lot of technological tools. Because of this, I have a lot of faith in the woman’s body, you are made for this!

Permanent support staff

Our permanent support staff members are Diana Jeremias and Saloua Bouchahrouf; they are experienced midwives and familiar with the Utrecht area. They cover our duties during absences due to sickness, holidays or training. 

Diana Jeremias
BIG number 79913632603

“Midwifery is the most beautiful profession there is.”

Summary: a mother of two teenage daughters and enjoys eating out and drinking coffee in the city centre.

“Ever since I was a teenager I felt a strong pull towards the midwife profession.  But it was only after the birth of my children that I seriously started to consider becoming a midwife. In 2006 I began my studies at the Midwifery Academy in Amsterdam and graduated in 2010. I could not have made a better choice in my life; this profession gives me a lot of satisfaction, enjoyment and energy. It is a unique experience to coach a mother through her pregnancy, the birth and the bonding time after the birth. To be part of one of the most significant times in a family’s life makes me feel very privileged”


Saloua Bouchahrouf
BIG number 89916944703

“Every pregnancy is unique and deserves its own personal approach.”

Summary: married and lives with her husband and two children in the Utrechtse Heuvelrug, loves taking walks in the woods, culture and enjoys cooking for family and friends.

“As a teenager I knew for certain: I would become a midwife. After my study time in Amsterdam and also gaining work experience there, I felt completely at home in the region of Utrecht. At the Breedstraat I found the team spirit which I was unable to find anywhere else. After five years of working as a midwife, I still find each birth unique and continue to do my job with enthusiasm and dedication. The fact that I am allowed to be part of such an intense time in someone’s life, becoming a parent, is to me a very special privilege”

Practice assistants

Elianne, Annejuul and Fiona are happy to help at the practice or they are available on the phone from 9am to 1pm and 2pm to 4pm for answering your queries and/or booking appointments.

Fiona de Jong

Inge kleiner

Inge van Dorp

Annejuul kleiner

                      Annejuul Jans



Mirjam van de Geer

We have a practice manager. Behind the scenes she is involved with the organizational side of our practice and contributes to drafting and implementing our policies.