First appointments

First appointments

You can register with us when you know you are pregnant. This allows us sufficient time to plan your first appointment and provide you with essential information.

Prior to your first appointment we will send you a questionnaire by email.  We would appreciate it if you could complete and return this questionnaire before the appointment. During the appointment/appointments at our practice, we will discuss the questionnaire you have completed and we will talk about prenatal screening. In addition, it is helpful to read the brochure ‘Pregnant’, in which you will find a lot of information about the various stages of pregnancy.

It is very important to prepare well before discussing the options of prenatal screening. You can find a good source on the subject on our website and on this RIVM information card. Visit the RIVM website for information on prenatal screening  and we recommend completing the questionnaire ‘Informed Decision’ which you can find on our website.  Also please carefully read the information about other chromosomal abnormalities.

Of course you can ask questions and if requested, we will perform an ultrasound.

Many pregnant women appreciate the option of an early ultrasound (vitality ultrasound). Our assistants will ask you if you want an early ultrasound. Unless there is a medical indication, this early (internal) ultrasound is not covered by your health insurance. Normally this ultrasound is payable at the cost of € 44,28 (2023).

Should you wish to have the early ultrasound, we plan this around week 8 of your pregnancy. Otherwise we will schedule your intake appointment and dating ultrasound around 10-12 weeks.