Symptoms in the first weeks of pregnancy

Congratulations, you are pregnant! With a pregnancy test it has become clear that you are pregnant. There may also be other signs that may indicate pregnancy. Most women will experience symptoms in the early weeks of pregnancy. Many changes can come your way when you are pregnant. The physical changes can be different for everyone. Some women feel very good for 9 months. Other women have complaints during pregnancy. We, midwives at Breedstraat, provide insight into the common symptoms during the first weeks of pregnancy and how you can deal with them.


After the implantation of the fertilized egg, the production of the pregnancy hormone HCG (Human chorionic gonadotropin) starts. This hormone is responsible for the symptoms during the first weeks of pregnancy. Especially in the first trimester of pregnancy you can experience nausea due to the increase in this hormone. Usually this is in the morning when you wake up. Some women will also vomit. If you experience nausea, eat before you get up and eat small meals during the rest of the day. Gradually you will notice what you should and shouldn’t eat. In most women, the nausea will pass after the 12th week of pregnancy.


Feeling very tired is characteristic as 1 of the symptoms in the first weeks of pregnancy. The hormonal and physical changes require a lot of energy.

It’s nice to slow down a bit. For example, many women will sleep more. After about 3 months, most women experience less fatigue.

Blood loss

Vaginal bleeding is common when you are pregnant. It doesn’t have to mean anything.

It can be 1 of the symptoms in the first weeks of pregnancy. This is because the fertilized egg attaches itself to your uterus. Or if you have a wound on your cervix. But you may also have a miscarriage. Are you bleeding from your vagina and/or are you worried? Then call the emergency number, 06 49 777 349, of the Breedstraat to speak with one of the midwifes.

Physical discomfort

You can experience tense and/or sensitive breasts when you are pregnant. Under the influence of the pregnancy hormone, your breasts can feel fuller, be more sensitive and swell. You can already notice this pregnancy symptom 1 or 2 weeks after conception and are symptoms that we often experience in the first weeks of pregnancy.

Your uterus also starts to grow and you may therefore suffer from mild abdominal pain and you may feel that you need to urinate more often. Sometimes your intestines can also react to the pregnancy hormone and you can become constipated when you are pregnant. You are always welcome to ask your midwife at the Breedstraat for advice on how to deal with these symptoms in the first weeks of your pregnancy.


A pregnancy is not only accompanied by physical changes, but due to a changing hormone system you can also change mentally. For example, mood swings are very normal symptoms during the first weeks of pregnancy. You can experience positive feelings alternating with negative feelings. You can also react differently to emotions. Forgetfulness and uncertainty can also be symptoms during the first weeks of your pregnancy. Most mental complaints are completely normal, yet you can suffer enormously from this and feel uncomfortable. Some women may experience more mental symptoms in the early weeks of pregnancy and may suffer from pregnancy depression. In some cases you will need treatment. Talking about it with your loved ones is often a relief.

Pregnant at the Breedstraat

You can always go to midwifery practice Breedstraat to discuss your complaints. You can already register with us if you have a positive pregnancy test and experience symptoms in the first weeks of pregnancy. Between 7-8 weeks you are welcome for an early ultrasound to determine the pregnancy. You can also schedule an intake interview with us (between 10-12 weeks). Between 10-11 weeks you can also schedule a term ultrasound with us to determine the due date. Our assistant can schedule these appointments with you, please call 030 231 13 76. If you want to read more about the symptoms in the first and other weeks of pregnancy, check out our web app at:

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