3rd week pregnant symptoms

Welcome to Midwifery Practice Breestraat we would like to inform you with known 3rd week pregnant symptoms . As midwives, we specialize in the care of pregnant women and their unborn children. In this text we discuss the symptoms that women can experience when you are 3 weeks pregnant.

Symptoms 3rd week pregnant

In the third week of pregnancy, the fertilized egg is implanting itself in the uterine wall. This may be accompanied by slight bleeding and cramps in the lower abdomen. Some women feel these cramps as menstrual cramps. This can be confusing as it looks like menstruation is starting. However, this may be a sign of the implantation of the fertilized egg.

Another symptom that women may experience in the third week of pregnancy is fatigue. The woman’s body works hard to implant the fertilized egg and start the pregnancy. This can lead to fatigue and lethargy. You may also experience changes in your sleeping pattern, so that you sleep much lighter or wake up earlier, for example. This of course also causes fatigue.

Some women also experience changes in their breasts in the third week of pregnancy. The breasts may be more tender and swollen. The nipples may turn darker.

You may also experience nausea from the moment implantation has taken place. We think that the hormone hCG, the pregnancy hormone, takes care of this, and that is already present to a small extent from the third week of pregnancy.

No symptoms 3rd week pregnant

However, it is also quite normal if you do not experience any symptoms when you are 3 weeks pregnant. From the moment implantation takes place, the hormone hCG will rise, this is the hormone that can cause symptoms. However, this is still so little present in the third week of pregnancy that you regularly have no symptoms. Those symptoms only come when you are further along in the pregnancy because the hCG rises further. For example, some women may not experience symptoms until week 6.

Fortunately, whether or not you experience symptoms says nothing about whether implantation goes well in the third week of pregnancy. Every body reacts differently to hormones. It can be reassuring to experience symptoms, but even if you don’t feel anything special, the pregnancy can be just fine.

Early pregnancy test

Nowadays you can do a pregnancy test early, from 5 to 6 days before your expected period you can already do a test. You are of course very curious and would like to know if you are pregnant, so it can be nice to do an early test. It can also have a disadvantage to take a test in the third week of your pregnancy. If implantation does not go well and you eventually get your period, it is a great disappointment if you have had a positive test before. Sometimes it is better to only test when you are overdue. This way you will have passed the first exciting week after implantation unnoticed. It is best for you to estimate what works for you, but you can also take a test in the third week of pregnancy!

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