3D ultrasound Utrecht

How nice is it to get a real insight during pregnancy by means of a 3D ultrasound in Utrecht? We will tell you more about what it is exactly, when it is best to have the 3D ultrasound done and whether the ultrasound is safe.

2D or 3D ultrasound Utrecht

During a ‘regular’ ultrasound, a 2D ultrasound, we look at a black and white image of your baby. During this ultrasound you always look at a cross-section, you look through the child, as it were, and you also see the organs, brains, etc. With a 3D ultrasound, the element of depth is added, and you really see the contours of the baby. You look in the same way as we look ourselves, namely not through it but around it. So you can really see the face of a child, or everything in front of the face.

Then a 4D ultrasound is also possible at the Focus ultrasound center in Utrecht. This is the same as 3D but then moving image, so for example you can see when the child moves with his / her mouth, so special!

Which pregnancy week 3D ultrasound Utrecht

Since with ultrasounds you depend on how a child lies in the belly, it is possible to give advice on when it is best to have a 3D ultrasound made. Early in the pregnancy, the baby does not yet have that much fat tissue and it may be less attractive to look at. Late in the pregnancy, it is the case that the baby has less and less space and, for example, is already descending. As a result, you can no longer properly visualize the face of the child. The optimal term is therefore between 26 and 30 weeks.

Fun ultrasound

Having a 3D ultrasound made in Utrecht is an ultrasound that you have made at your own request. It is not medically necessary, but it is very nice to see the baby again. Especially with a 3D ultrasound you can see many more facial features and sometimes see who the baby looks like at that moment. So if you want to have a 3D ultrasound made in Utrecht, you have to pay for this ultrasound yourself. Depending on the duration of the ultrasound, these costs are between €50-€90. At Focus midwifery center in Utrecht, they also offer the service that if the child could not be imaged properly, you can come back for free to try again.

A 3D ultrasound is therefore a fun ultrasound and not a medical ultrasound. We do not specifically look at abnormalities in the child, but if the sonographer notices something, she will always mention it.


A 3D ultrasound is safe to have during pregnancy. Both mother and child have had years of experience with it and research has been done.

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