Registered midwife

You have just become pregnant and are looking for a registered midwifery in Utrecht. The range of obstetric practices in Utrecht is large. In principle, many midwifery practices in Utrecht are similar, but of course there are also differences. We would like to introduce ourselves to you below.

Who are we and what do we do as a registered midwife?

We are a city practice in the center of Utrecht. With a team of 7 registered midwives, we are available 24/7 for you and your partner. In addition to our registered midwives, we have 3 assistants and a practice manager. Together we are working on a midwifery practice in Utrecht that provides you with customized care. We are an innovative practice, continuously in motion. Not only because healthcare is constantly changing and improving, but also because we like to keep developing ourselves and in this way offer you the best possible care. For example, we offer our own birthing course, containing all the information and practical tips that we find valuable. You can also contact us if you are interested in Centering Pregnancy (at the moment only in Dutch). In this form of pregnancy counseling you are part of a group of pregnant women who are due in the same period.

We believe that a good start for your child starts from the moment you are pregnant and that it is important that you and your partner are allowed to make choices. We take the time for this choices during every check-up. Every pregnancy is different, and so is everyone’s guidance. During the check-ups we will discuss what is important for that period in your pregnancy. In addition, of course, a physical examination takes place during every check-up. Most ultrasounds during your pregnancy can be done by our registered midwifes.

Who can sign up with us?

In principle, anyone can register with us, but it is nice if you live near our midwifery practice. You will notice at the end of your pregnancy that it is nice to have a registered midwife near your home. On our site you will find an overview of the neighborhoods in and around the city of Utrecht where our registered midwifes are active. If you now live just outside these areas, but you still want to become a client of our practice in Utrecht, please contact us by phone. Then we look together at a possible possibility. How do you sign up? When you know that you are pregnant, you can register with us directly. This can be done most easily via our site (via the ‘register‘ button). When you register, we need some information about you. After you have sent this information, the assistant will contact you by telephone. In addition to the data that you have already sent, she will go through a number of data with you and immediately schedule your first appointment with us. In addition, she will send you an email with additional information about the first period that you are with us. Easy does it, we want to unburden you from the start of your pregnancy: welcome to our midwifery practice in Utrecht.

Would you like to register with us? Then use our handy and simple registration form: You can register here.