Loise, our new colleague

We have a new colleague!

As of September, Loise Stell will join our team.

Loise previously worked in practices outside the Utrecht region, but Utrecht beckoned and she is more than eager to join us. Welcome Loise!

Want to know more about Loise? Then read on!

Raised in beautiful Houten and often to be found in Utrecht. It has always been a wish to be able to live and work in Utrecht, so I am super happy that this is now coming true. I have already worked in several practices, in the Betuwe, in Twente, in Nieuwegein and now finally in bustling Utrecht!
I can’t wait to get started!

Loise in brief:
Enthusiastic, itinerant, creative person with a heart for art and women’s rights. Tries to combine these regularly by organising creative projects and goes on annual trips to Uganda for volunteer work. Ever since I was a little girl, I have known I wanted to become a midwife. To achieve this goal, I took a delightful diversions, which was just right for me. During my previous studies, I realised more and more how fascinating I find the pregnant woman. I love physiology and have learnt through experiences abroad that sometimes obstetrics can also be done without a lot of technological tools. Because of this, I have a lot of faith in the woman’s body, you are made for this!


Loise Stell
BIG number 39925418403


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