Singelloop October 1st

Next Sunday (1 October), the Singelloop will take place. Part of the city will be less accessible as a result, or with a diversion. Depending on where you live in the city, you may experience traffic disruption as a result.

If you are due or if we need to visit your home for any other reason: call us on time! Due to the closures and diversions in the city, it may well take us a little longer to get to you. As for the hospitals, they are accessible as usual, being outside the area of the run. But keep in mind that the travel time to them may be a bit longer or the route may be different from normal. So allow for extra time.


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Modification back up phone number

As of July 1st, we have switched to another backup phone number in case our emergency number (06-49777349) is not available in case of emergency.

Telephone accessibility

Due to a malfunction, our emergency number was not easily accessible for a while. If you still can’t reach us at 06-49777349, please call 030-2311376.