Midwifery group practice

Welcome to our midwifery group practice in Utrecht. We are here especially for you. You can contact us from the moment you want to have children or from the moment you have a positive pregnancy test. We guide you during the pregnancy, during the delivery and remain involved until 6 weeks after the delivery.

Health and safety during midwifery group practice

Our midwifery group practice believes it is important that you and your partner feel heard and supported. Health and safety are our top priority. We provide you with the best information, to help you make your own decisions about pregnancy and childbirth.

Get there quickly

You can visit our midwifery group practice early in your pregnancy for your first ultrasound. We understand that the first period can be very exciting! We are available 24/7 for your questions and concerns and we think it is important that you can contact us easily.


At oud midwifery group practice, partners are very important to us! Attention is paid to the provision of information for partners, the upcoming father/motherhood and partners are most welcome at every check. InformationIn addition to our extensive website, our midwifery group practice has also developed its own web app. Here you can find all the information you need during pregnancy. You can also keep a checklist of all the things you need to arrange and purchase. When you’re pregnant, a lot can happen to you. We have listed this for you to keep everything clear. So that you only have to spend energy on the health of yourself and your baby and can enjoy the pregnancy.


Well-trained and experienced midwives work in the team of the midwifery group practice. We invest a lot in the quality of care: everyone works in the same way, so it doesn’t matter who you meet during pregnancy and childbirth. We have a permanent team: this means permanent faces in our practice.

Centering Pregnancy

We offer this form of care in our midwifery group practice (in Dutch). We know from research that this form of care has several health benefits. We also notice that our clients (and we ourselves!) are extremely enthusiastic about this form of care. You will be placed in a group of women with approximately the same gestational age. You will go through your checkups together during your pregnancy and discuss various topics together. That way you learn a lot from each other. Of course it is also always possible to opt for individual care, whereby you make use of individual checks with the obstetrician.


Where and how you want to give birth is up to you! In our midwifery group practice, we provide you with all the information you need to make good choices during the birth that suit you. You choose the location of the birth yourself. We go with you: whether you want to give birth at home or in the hospital. We will discuss in detail how you would like to be guided during the delivery with you and your partner while discussing the birth wishes.


Are you curious about what we all offer? We look forward to see you at the practice for a first early ultrasound and an introduction where we can tell you more about our practice. Please contact our assistant for this. Hopefully we will see you soon!

Would you like to register with us? Then use our handy and simple registration form: You can register here.