Welcome to our midwife practice in Utrecht. We offer care in the heart of Utrecht from the moment you have a pregnancy wish up to 6 weeks after giving birth. Our practice is characterized by an enthusiastic and skilled team of midwives who are available 24/7.

Early intake with ultrasound

The first period in a pregnancy is often very exciting. We understand that like no other in our midwife practice in Utrecht. You can register with us immediately after a positive pregnancy test. From 7 weeks of pregnancy you can come to us for a first meeting with one of the midwives, including an ultrasound to see if the heart is beating. Before then you can always call us with questions and we have a lot of information available online for you to read if you want.

Web app

Our midwife practice in Utrecht has developed its own web app (written by a midwife) in which you can find a lot of information immediately after your positive pregnancy test. This app also includes a checklist in which you can keep track of everything you need to arrange and which items you should get to prepare. It can be a lot to take in when you are pregnant! We’ve listed everything for you so you don’t have to worry about it!


What we find very important as a midwife in our practice in Utrecht is that you can always reach us with questions and concerns. We are literally available 24/7 on our 06 number for worries, emergencies and deliveries. The assistant is also available on working days and we have telephone consultation hours between 13:30 and 14:00: then you can also call the midwife with any questions you have. Between those hours you will  get her on the phone when you call the landline.

Team of midwifes Utrecht

We think it is important that everyone in our team is well informed about your file in our obstetrician practice in Utrecht. We consult with each other very regularly and carefully document how you are doing and whether there are any peculiarities. All midwives work in the same way: in principle, it does not matter who you meet during consultations, the delivery or during the maternity week. The care is the same! However, it can sometimes be nice to have permanent midwives during the pregnancy, so that you can get to know them well. We have been working with a permanent, stable team of experienced midwives for years.

Locations and care midwife

Our midwife practice in Utrecht is located both in the city center (Boothstraat) and in Tuindorp. Our assistants work from our main location on the Boothstraat. At this location we also have a group room in a unique bunker in our backyard. In this room it is possible to attend group meetings with other pregnant women who are just as far pregnant as you. During the intake, the midwife will discuss with you whether you would like this. We also provide a birthing course in the bunker. This will prepare you (you and your (birth) partner) for the birth. The course is given by a midwife.

If you would like to register with our birth practice, please use our handy and simple registration form: Register.