Midwife costs

The costs of obstetric care in the Netherlands are largely reimbursed from the basic health insurance. This applies to the care you need before, during and after childbirth. However, there are also costs for the midwife that you have to bear yourself. We explain these costs for you below.

Tip: if you have the opportunity, take a good look at your health insurance at the end of the year. Although the basic reimbursement of costs for the obstetrician is the same with all insurers, the reimbursements from supplementary insurance can sometimes differ. It pays to map this out well and thus reduce your own costs for the obstetrician.

Deductible midwife costs

The Dutch healthcare system has a compulsory deductible. Everybody aged 18 or over has a compulsory deductible for healthcare provided under their general insurance policy. In 2022, you pay the first €385 for the costs of healthcare yourself and we reimburse the costs above this amount. The check-ups at (and therefore the costs of) the midwife are not included in this deductible so you don’t have to pay this. However, the deductible does include costs for medicines, blood tests, transport to the hospital for the delivery, so-called indirect costs. Check out our site for more information on this topic.

Prenatal Exams

You have the opportunity to participate in prenatal examinations at various times during your pregnancy. Think of the 13 and 20 week ultrasound and the NIPT. With one exception, the costs for the counseling interview (the information interview with the midwife) and the actual screening are covered by the basic health insurance. The exception to this is the NIPT, you have to pay the costs of this screening yourself and amount to € 175.


During your pregnancy, a number of ultrasounds will be made. The ultrasounds that are made at the obstetrician usually cost you nothing. If there is no medical indication, there are costs associated with making an early ultrasound. Check our site for the most up-to-date costs of this obstetric care.

Pregnancy and childbirth courses

We certainly recommend it, but whether you (possibly together with your partner) want to do a pregnancy or childbirth course is of course up to you. When you have found a course that suits you well, it is advisable to check with your health insurance whether these costs, which are actually not obstetric costs, are partially or fully eligible for reimbursement.


When you give birth at home, there are no costs for obstetric care. This also applies if you have to give birth in hospital due to a medical indication. If you would like to give birth in the birthing house or hospital without medical necessity, then part of these costs will be reimbursed from the basic insurance. For the remaining part, you can take out additional insurance or pay these costs yourself.

Maternity care

The costs of obstetric care (by a midwife or gynaecologist) during the maternity week are reimbursed from the basic insurance. The situation is different for the costs of maternity care. Other agreements have been made about this and, in principle, a personal contribution applies per hour of maternity care. Whether these costs are also (partially) reimbursed depends on any additional insurance policies.

Lactation consultant

No obstetric costs, but good to mention here, the possibility of engaging a lactation consultant. You can think of a course on (breast) nutrition during your pregnancy and support after the birth of your baby. The costs and services of a lactation consultant differ, take a good look at this. The following also applies to these costs: check your health insurance carefully to see if these costs can be reimbursed.

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