Midwife assistant

A midwife assistant (also named a doula) is someone who supports you in a non-medical way during the birth. She discusses your wishes about the delivery with you and stays with you throughout the delivery. Some people like the idea of ​​knowing for sure that a familiar face is always present during the delivery. For example, a midwife assistant will also stay with you if you are transferred to the hospital and the birth becomes medical.

Does everyone need a midwife assistant?

In our experience, not everyone needs a midwife assistant. It is a personal choice: if you are not sure about this, please discuss it with us. We like to think along with you.

What does the midwife do?

A midwife assistant is different from a midwife. The midwife is a medical professional who is responsible for the well-being of mother and child during childbirth. In addition, we are of course also there for mental support. Below is a list of what the midwife does during childbirth.

– We keep a close eye on mother and child by doing regular medical check-ups

– We give a lot of tips about postures and breathing

– We inform you about the course of the birth and what choices can be made

– In consultation with you, we can be more in the background or in the foreground during childbirth- We ensure that your wishes discussed in advance are met

– If necessary, we transfer to the gynaecologist. Depending on how far the delivery has progressed, we will stay with you until the baby is born.

I want a midwife assistant, now what?

Most people have enough of the above support. If this is not the case; then a midwife assistant can be very pleasant.There are several midwife assistants working in Utrecht. It is important that you experience a click with your midwife assistant. An introductory meeting therefore is necessary. Usually, the midwife assistant will have a number of preparatory conversations with you during the pregnancy. During the delivery you can call her early for support.


Depending on which package you choose, a midwife assistant costs between 750 and 1500 euros. There is no reimbursement for a midwife assistant under the basic insurance. If you have additional insurance with a reimbursement for a pregnancy course, the costs are sometimes partly covered. Please read the policy conditions carefully: because this is not always possible.

What if I have special wishes regarding my birth?

You can discuss special wishes regarding your birth with the midwife when discussing your birth wishes when you are 35 weeks pregnant. Before that appointment, you will receive extensive information about our working method and a handy format in which you can indicate what you would like to do differently. We are open to all your wishes and everything is negotiable. It’s your birth, so we adapt to it. You do not need a midwife assistant for special wishes regarding the delivery, but you can discuss this with your midwife.

In short

A midwife assistant can be very nice for those who need it. For example, if you previously had a traumatic experience or if you do not have a (birth) partner. Or because it just seems really nice to you. There are costs involved that are not (fully) reimbursed. Do you have a midwife assistant? Then let us know during office hours so that we can record this in your file.

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