First ultrasound

Most people look forward to their first ultrasound from the moment they discover they are pregnant. The first trimester of a pregnancy is often exciting and it can be nice to see on an ultrasound that everything looks good. We offer the first ultrasound around 7 weeks of pregnancy. At that point in the pregnancy, a heart should be visible and we can also see whether the pregnancy is in the right place. We can estimate how far pregnant you are. The ultrasound will be made by a certified and experienced midwife. If you are pregnant for the first time, we combine this first ultrasound with an introductory meeting with one of our midwives from midwifery practice Breedstraat. We will then give some advice, tell you something about the practice and the team and of course there is opportunity to ask your questions. Of course, having an ultrasound done around 7 weeks is not mandatory: some people choose to wait for the term ultrasound.

Term ultrasound

A few weeks after your first ultrasound, we make the term ultrasound (between 10 and 11 weeks of pregnancy). Based on this ultrasound, we determine the final due date. Of course we check again whether the heart is beating and whether there are any special features.

Cost first ultrasound

The first ultrasound (around 7 weeks) is covered by the health insurance in a number of cases. For example if you have previously had a miscarriage or if you have a bleeding. If there is no medical indication to make the ultrasound, the ultrasound costs around 40 euros. You will receive an invoice from us afterwards. The term ultrasound is always covered by the health insurer.

What if it’s not right?

Unfortunately, it also happens that a first ultrasound shows that the heart is not beating (anymore). This is of course very sad and can be a great shock. Everyone experiences this differently, but it is good to know that the duration of the pregnancy says nothing about the sadness you experience. Even if you have not been pregnant for a long time, it is a major event. You will receive information about this on paper from the midwife and you will first go home to let the news sink in. The next day we will have telephone contact to discuss your options. You can wait for a miscarriage to start on its own or we can refer you to the hospital for medication to initiate the miscarriage. The gynecologist can also empty the uterus through an operation, but this is often not the preference because of the slightly increased risks. If the heart no longer beats on the ultrasound, there is almost always an abnormality in the development of the baby. Not something you did yourself.

How is the first ultrasound made?

The first ultrasound around 7 weeks can sometimes be done abdominally (through the abdominal wall). However, it is often not very visible and it is necessary to make the ultrasound vaginally. If you find this troublesome, please discuss this with us. We can support you in this and, for example, take extra time for this.

Make an appointment for first ultrasound

As soon as you have registered with our practice, our assistant will contact you to schedule the first appointments at our midwifery practice in Utrecht. You can then indicate whether or not you want a first ultrasound around 7 weeks.

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