Covid 19

COVID 19: measures at the practice

Many measures are being taken to get the Corona virus under control. In consultation with our union and other midwifery practices in the city of Utrecht, we continuously look at how we can provide you with the best care and what measures we should take. Please know that client care is always our number one priority, so even if you have corona symptoms, you will never be denied the necessary care.


When you should not come to the practice / Corona symptoms

If you have an appointment at the practice, but you are experiencing any of the symptoms listed below, please let us know and stay home until the symptoms disappear and test yourself as soon as possible. In this case we will try to find a suitable solution to continuing the care you need. This also applies if you have tested positive for corona. If you have tested negative, you are welcome to attend your appointment as scheduled.

If anyone you live with has corona symptoms or has tested positive, please test yourself as well. If you test negative, you are welcome to attend your appointment as scheduled.


– A cold, runny nose – sore throat
– (Mild) cough
– Raised temperature or fever

You can read more information about Corona symptoms here.


Read the frequently questions below

Can my partner and/or children join me at the appointment?
Your partner and children are allowed to come to the practice with you again.


Can I still attend the heartbeat consultation?
The heartbeat consultation will take place as normal! Every Monday and Thursday between 4.45 pm and 5 pm it is possible to book a (extra) brief appointment for listening to the baby’s heart. Please note an appointment is needed for this, last minute bookings no problem!


Will there be an information evening?
The information evening is now available online. This digital alternative will be emailed to you around 30 weeks of pregnancy, along with a format for your birth wishes. If you need this information sooner, please ask the assistant to email it to you.


How does the corona virus affect pregnancy?
Little is known about how a corona virus infection affects an unborn child. Previously there was no evidence of the virus causing a miscarriage or birth defects. At the end of last year (29-11), news came out about a rare complication in a corona virus infected pregnancy. The pregnant women in this study were unvaccinated. As this is a relatively minor study, it is impossible to make definite statements about the risk of contracting this rare complication. Further research is needed.

For more and up to date information about the effects of the corona virus on pregnancy, we refer you to this page of the RIVM.


Can I choose where I want to give birth?
You still have the choice to give birth at home or at the hospital (outpatient). Unless there is a medical indication where a hospital birth becomes necessary.  It is important to be able to choose wherever you and your partner feel most comfortable. If it is particularly busy in the region, your hospital of choice may not have the availability. In that case we will go to a different hospital.


Is my partner allowed to be at the birth?
In the event of a hospital birth, 1 person is allowed to be present in addition to the maternity nurse and obstetrician. If your partner is experiencing corona related symptoms, please let us know.  If a longer hospital stay is required, the rules of the hospital apply.


What happens if I have corona during the birth?
If you are experiencing corona related symptoms but test negative, a hospital birth is not required. If you have tested positive at the time of birth and you are experiencing debilitating symptoms, you will be referred to hospital to give birth under medical supervision. At the hospital, the baby can be monitored during the birth with equipment such as a cardiotocograph.


How are the measures applied in the Utrecht region hospitals?
Via the links below you can find information about the Corona virus and the relevant policy from the 3 hospitals in Utrecht:


Does the midwife make a maternity visit?
We are responsible for your wellbeing during the first week after the birth. If you have questions, a need for a consult or any concerns, we are your point of contact and you can always call us. We visit you 3 – 4 times during the first week after the birth.

If you experience any corona-related symptoms during the first week after the birth (this includes your partner or anyone else you live with!) please tell us as soon as possible. We will then assess if we are able to visit in person or if a check over the phone is sufficient. During a telephone check, we also ask for feedback from your maternity nurse. Very important: if you have any concerns, don’t hesitate to call us (at any time)!


How do I register the birth?
You must register the birth within 3 days. The council specifically requests this to be done digitally. Click here for more information.


Will the heel prick and hearing test occur as normal?
The heel prick and hearing test will be performed by someone from the consultation bureau approximately 5-7 days after you have registered the birth with the council. A nurse will perform these tests at your home. You can find more information about the heel prick on this page.