From April 1st, the NIPT will become part of the regular screening programme in pregnancy, before this it was still part of a scientific study. A number of things are also changing regarding NIPT and there are temporary transitional measures.

Of course, it still remains a choice whether or not to have NIPT done. It is important that you and your partner read up on it. Read more about it on our site or in the app.

National agreements have been made about who falls under the old and who under the new NIPT regulation, we cannot change this. If you are due on 8 October or earlier, you still fall under the study, the ‘old’ agreements apply to you. You will also still be subject to the compulsory personal contribution of EUR 175.

If you have a due date of 9 October, you fall under the new arrangement and can have the NIPT determined in the new way from 1 April. The 175 euro co-payment will no longer apply. A few other things will change in the logistics, ask the midwife about this.



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