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What to arrange?

Maternity Care

The maternity nurse assists the midwife during a home birth and takes responsibility for the maternity care of both the mother and child. She then carries out the necessary checks on yourself and your baby once it is born. This is also the case if you have given birth in the hospital. Organise maternity care as soon as possible, at least before the 16th week of pregnancy. Check with your health insurance company about the possibilities. We work a lot with (among other) Koru and Kraaminzicht.

Blood test

After your first consultation with us you will be asked to have a blood test taken at one of the GP labs in the area. The blood test form will have the addresses and opening times of the appropriate locations. You do not need to make an appointment. Remember to bring proof of insurance. The brochure ‘Zwanger!’ explains what we will test your blood for. We supply the blood test form and this brochure at your first appointment. Normally we should have the results of your blood test available at your second appointment. If the results raise any concerns, we will contact you beforehand.

Registration / naming

If you and your partner are not married, the father can register as such with the local register office. Only when the father acknowledges the child, does the child have a legal father. The easiest way is to acknowledge the child before it is born (acknowledgement unborn child). Bring your proof of identity to the register office when doing so. After acknowledging the unborn child, the father to be will take home the certificate, which needs to be incorporated into the birth certificate when registering the birth. Acknowledgement of the child does not mean the father has automatic parental responsibility. This must be submitted for approval to the magistrate. Ask the register office for more information.

The address of the Register Office is:
Stadsplateu 1
Opening hours: 8.30am to 5.30pm on business days (Thursday to 9.00pm). Please note:  You will need an appointment!
Phone: 14 03 0
For more information, please visit www.utrecht.nl.

Maternity Package

This package contains a variety of essentials for the delivery and the maternity period. Usually you will receive this package from your (supplementary) healthcare insurer.

Should you not receive this package through your health insurance, then you will need to purchase these items yourself. This also applies when you chose a hospital birth. You will find a list of what you need in the contractions brochure.

Raised Bed

For the delivery and the maternity period it is necessary to raise the bed up to 70 cm. This can be done using bed risers or blocks (available at the home care shop). We also need you to get a bedpan. From the 37th week of your pregnancy these items can be rented from the home care shop (Medi Point, Zamenhofdreef 95 Utrecht).