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First ultrasound

We schedule the first appointment for when you are between 8-11 weeks pregnant. Check https://verloskundigenbreedstraat.nl/en/your-first-visit/. If you want we can make the first ultrasound around 8 weeks of your pregnancy. Normally you would have to pay around 37 euros for this ultrasound (unless there is a medical indication for this ultrasound.) Our assistant can tell you more about this. Please let her know if you want an ultrasound between 8-10 weeks of your pregnancy. It is also possible to wait untill 10-11 weeks to make the first ultrasound.

Second ultrasound

The next (or first) ultrasound will take place between 10-12 weeks. We will then make an ultrasound to determine your due-date. The baby will be measured to check how far you are exactly. The due-date will not be changed again after this ultrasound.

Ultrasound at 20 weeks

The ultrasound at 20 weeks is a comprehensive medical ultrasound where it is assessed if the baby has any birth defects or not (as much as the scan can reveal). Among other things, development of the brains, heart, and other important organs are looked at. This ultrasound is optional.

At the 20 week ultrasound we also look at the softmarkers linked to birth defects. Softmarkers are a possible indication of a syndrome (e.g. Down syndrome). If these softmarkers do present themselves it is not a guarantee that a birth defect is present. Additional research is required in some casus.

This scan at 20 weeks is optional. This scan is totally covered by Dutch insurance in contrast to the combination test and NIPT test.

Here you can find more information about the 20 week scan.

Position Ultrasound

Around week 35 of the pregnancy, we perform an ultrasound here at the practice to check how the baby is positioned. For the benefit of the birth it is important that the head of the baby is positioned in the lower section of your belly.