Welcome at Midwifery Practice Breedstraat

Subsequent visits

During your pregnancy you will visit the practice another 10 to 12 times for subsequent checks. The follow-up appointments take 15 minutes. At each check, we take your blood pressure and assess the growth and position of the baby and check its heart. At the second appointment we provide you with a computer printout of the check results. This is your pregnancy card. Bring this pregnancy card with you each time you visit us or attend any hospital checks. This way you will always have your most recent medical information at hand.

Growth of your womb

From 28 weeks of pregnancy, every 2-3 weeks the midwife will externally measure the length of your womb. Therefore, we can monitor the growth of the womb. The growth of the womb is a good indication of the eventual size of your child. For more information see this brochure: Monitor your baby’s growth
So that an accurate measurement of the womb may be carried out, it’s important that this is not done by too many different midwives. Preferably by 2, but no more than 3 midwives. This means that the checkups (from 26-28 weeks) will be carried out by a small group of (two) midwives. The downside is that appointments will be a bit difficult to make as the relevant midwife (wives) are not available all the time. We ask for your understanding in this matter. It is possible however to plan your appointments far ahead, should this suit you. Around week 30 of your pregnancy, we will provide you with a Birth Plan. We will ask you to fill this in and bring to your appointment at 35-36 weeks, when we will discuss the birth and your (and your partner’s) wishes concerning the birth. At the same appointment, we perform an ultrasound at the practice to check how the baby is positioned.

It’s fun and worthwhile when your partner comes along a few times. We also don’t have any issues if you would like to bring your child(ren), parents or others. However, fifteen minutes is not a very long time. If you need to discuss something that might take a little longer, please ask for a double appointment.

Sometimes during your pregnancy it may be necessary to consult a gynaecologist. E.g. about use of medication. For these kinds of (non-urgent) consultations, we have set up a clinic together with the gynaecologists of the Diakonessenhuis. The gynaecologist visits us at the practice and decides in consultation what the best possible care is for you. It is not part of standard care that you see a gynaecologist. If there are no medical indications, the midwife will guide you through pregnancy, delivery and the postnatal period.