Welcome at Verloskundigenpraktijk Breedstraat

Your first visits


We schedule the first appointment for when you are about 11 weeks pregnant. If you want we then give you information about prenatal testing (screening). You can prepare for this appointment by reading the information on the website www.onderzoekvanmijnongeborenkind.nl and fill in the “Bewust kiezen’ questions on this website.

Please check the information leaflet on our website: at Prenatal Screening (on the right) you will find the English leaflet. It is important to read the information about prenatal screening carefully before you come to your first appointment.

We will also make an ultrasound depending on the term of your pregnancy and whether you want an ultrasound. When you are already past 10 weeks of your pregnancy, we will make an ultrasound to check how far in pregnancy you are exactly and to determine the due date. The (Dutch) insurance will cover for this ultrasound. If you want an earlier ultrasound (before 10 weeks of pregnancy), please let our assistant know. This ultrasound will be possibly charged for and can cost you around 37 euros.

Please bring proof of insurance and identity along to your first appointment. Also please make sure you have completed the online questionnaire beforehand. Once you are certain you are pregnant it is important to look at the dos and don’ts when it comes to nutrition during pregnancy, for more information please visit the website of the Nutrition Centre www.voedingscentrum.nl.

Untill 14 weeks it is possible that you have a few appointments depending on how many ultrasounds you get / want and whether you want information about prenatal screening. The assistant will plan everything with you.


The next appointment will take place between 14 weeks. Again: it is possible that you have a few appointments before 14 weeks. If you have any questions, let us know.