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Coronavirus and maternity period


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Due to the Corona virus situation it has become necessary for us to adjust our provision of care.

Please read this carefully as it will also give information about our appointments schedule for the near future.  

We are changing the following:
From the 30th of March all scheduled consultations, including intakes and ultrasounds are cancelled. It may be that an appointment that was already changed, will be changed again. Our apologies for that.

We are setting up completely new consultation hours. So that we can continue to provide the best possible care in case multiple midwives are unable to attend due to the Corona virus situation.

During these appointments contact will be as brief as possible with only essential medical checks being carried out; these consultation hours will be planned for either mid morning or mid afternoon.

You are able to check any scheduled appointments via your Zwangerenportaal. (Unless your appointment is scheduled for more than 4 weeks from now. In that case the appointment will appear at a later date).
Some of you have not registered for the Zwangerenportaal, everyone has been sent an invitation including instructions how to join. If you have not received the invitation, please contact our receptionist. Also: check your spam folder. Please note: if you have received a notification from the Zwangerenportaal that an appointment has been amended: please always log in to check on the changes.

The consultation hours will be held at both our locations (Breedstraat and Tuindorp), make sure you check for which location your appointment is scheduled. The appointment slots offered during the amended hours will show on the Zwangerenportaal as: Breedstraat AANGEPAST and Tuindorp AANGEPAST. Should an old appointment still be visible, please assume these are CANCELLED. Only appointments with the designation as above are valid for the near future. We will cancel all ‘regular/old’ appointments from our side but some amendments are not updated on the Zwangerenportaal. Once the Corona crisis has passed, all appointments must be re-booked even if ‘old’ appointments still show in your

Should a query arise during a check up: please ask the midwife and she will contact you later that day by phone to provide you with an answer. 

Because we discuss certain matters as standard during check ups, it may be the case we will contact you in the morning/afternoon on the same day as your appointment. And also because we can only see you briefly during the consultation, we request that you take more responsibility in solving basic queries. 

We shall, where possible, stay in contact with you by phone as long as possible. But as this can be affected if multiple colleagues report ill, we recommend the following:

  • Install our app on your phone it you understand Dutch: For instructions, please visit: https://verloskundigenbreedstraat.nl/nieuws/webapp/ This app will provide all necessary information. By creating an account you will have access to a list of all important things to organise and essentials to purchase. Make note of this list and make sure you give yourself plenty of time to organise matters. It reading Dutch is difficult for you, go to our website to check important things to organise and essentials to purchase. https://verloskundigenbreedstraat.nl/en/your-first-visit/what-to-arrange/ and https://verloskundigenbreedstraat.nl/en/news/brochures-websites/
  • The information evenings are on hold for now, we are working on a digital version of our information evening which be accessible to people who have already registered. In addition we will email information about the birth to all who are around 30 weeks pregnant.
  • Booking an early ultrasound at your own request is unfortunately not possible at this time.
  • Whoever has been referred for an early ultrasound by medical indication will be given an appointment. The twenty weeks ultrasound appointments will also take place as planned. Please note: partners (or children) are not permitted to attend. You can make use of video calling during the ultrasound.


  • If you are showing symptoms of the Corona virus (coughing, sneezing, tight chest or fever, more than 38 °C) please inform us of this. We have a duty to report this. DO NOT visit the clinic if you show symptoms.
  • If you are in labour and you or your partner is showing symptoms tell us immediately by phone.
  • If your partner is ill (coughing, sneezing, tight chest or fever) then he/she maybe can’t be present at the birth depending on his/her complaints and the location of the birth. If you are ill yourself, you must give birth at the hospital (under medical supervision)

This is a drastic measure but must unfortunately be implemented everywhere in order to prevent spreading the virus. Consider bringing someone else to the birth in case your partner becomes ill.  

  • What if you cannot attend an appointment we schedule for you? For people who work in vital professions we will of course try to book appointments best suited to your working hours. Please contact us to arrange on: 030-231 1376.
  • For anyone due an intake and dating ultrasound (full bladder please) please note that the ultrasound will take place at the practice. The intake will happen by phone entirely and does not require you to visit the practice. Your appointment for this will appear in your

Zwangerenportaal, as this requires a time slot. Keep your phone handy around this time and make sure you are somewhere quiet for taking the call.  When we contact you by phone the call will sometimes show as anonymous. Please check your phone for missed calls and voicemail.

If you are in the very early stages of your pregnancy or your next scheduled appointment is still a long way away, we may not have allocated a time slot for you yet. But please check your Zwangerenportaal on a regular basis, the appointments will appear in due time.

Please be on time for your appointment. We will try to avoid having contact with other clients in the waiting room. (due to risk of infection). Please do not arrive too early or too late. Once in the waiting room please keep your distance from others by at least 1.5 metres. Disinfect your hands when requested and keep your time with the midwife as brief as possible.

If you are expecting an appointment soon but it does not show in your Zwangerenportaal, please contact our receptionist via info@verloskundigenbreedstraat.nl

 It may become busier in the region and we would be asked to help out at other practices or other practices help out at ours.  At all times we prioritize providing the best and safest guidance during births and identifying possible medical risks during the pregnancy. We ask your patience and understanding during this time.

Contact us on 06-49777349 if:

  • You have concerns;
  • You are experiencing bright red blood loss without contractions;
  • You are experiencing headaches, dizzy spells, vomiting, pain in upper abdomen or upper back;
  • The baby moves less or differently after 28 weeks;
  • You are experiencing inconsistent abdominal or back pain before 37 weeks;
  • You are losing amniotic fluid before 37 weeks.

For practical matters, appointment schedule or basic queries, you can contact us on: 030-231 1376 between 9 am – 1 pm and 2 pm – 4 pm.  We strongly request that you save the telephone consultation time (between 1.30 pm and 2 pm) for care relevant queries only.

Should you wish to speak to the midwife, please contact the receptionist and request a call back from the midwife. OR contact us during the telephone consultation (weekdays between 1.30 pm and 2 pm)

We appreciate we are asking a lot. Please know that despite all the changes we will continue to deliver all necessary care. The health of both mother and child will continue to be our priority.  We are always contactable should you have any concerns or queries.  

Best wishes,

The team at Breedstraat

Below a schedule of when during your pregnancy you can expect a check up appointment, please note that around this term an appointment will appear in your Zwangerenportaal

10-12 weeks dating ultrasound
10-12 weeks intake by telephone and counselling
16 weeks check up at the practice
27 weeks check up at the practise
31 weeks check up at the practice
35 weeks check up and placental location ultrasound at the practice
birth plan will be discussed over the phone
37 weeks check up at the practice
39 weeks check up at the practice
40 weeks check up at the practice
41 weeks check up at the practice or at the hospital

Appointment elsewhere: 18-19 weeks 20 weeks ultrasound at an ultrasound centre