Welcome at Midwifery Practice Breedstraat



In consultation with our professional association and our fellow practices in the city of Utrecht, we are constantly looking at how we can provide you with the best care and what measures we need to take. To inform you as well as possible, we have set up this “Corona page”.

During this period we will keep you informed on these pages about the protocols and agreements that we use during this period. The information on these pages is leading. So navigate under the heading “Corona”. Information elsewhere on the site is currently often not applicable.

In the submenus you can read how often during your pregnancy and at what pregnancy period you come to our practice.


To minimize the risk of infection and spread of the corona virus, we ask you to desinfect your hands when you enter the waitingroom.

Partners and children

Your partner and children are welcome at the consultation hour.

When it is better not to come to the practice / Corona symptoms

If you have an appointment at the practice, but you are bothered by the followin gcomplaints, give us a call to inform us and stay home to get sick and get tested as soon as possible. We look for a suitable solution there, with the intention of continuing to provide care. Of course, this also applies if you have tested positive for corona. In case of a negative test, you can come over to our practice.

If your roommate has corona, or corona-related complaints, please do a test. If this is negative, you can come to the practice.


– Cold complaints, such as a cold in the nose, runny nose
– sore throat
– (Slight) coughing
– Increase or fever

Good to mention again: in general, you should always call us:
– in case of vaginal bleeding;
– in case of headache, seeing asterisks, vomiting, pain in the upper abdomen or pain between the shoulder blades;
– with fewer movements of your child than usual (see also the folder movement pattern);
– if you are not yet 37 weeks pregnant and think you are in labor;
– in case of amniotic fluid loss;
– if you have questions or are concerned.

See also the folder “when to call”. Under the heading delivery you can read when to call when the delivery has started. Save our emergency number (06-49 777 349) in your telephone.