Welcome at Midwifery Practice Breedstraat


Download the WebApp of our practice!

About being pregnant and giving birth there is a lot of information. We have made a selection for you of the information we think is important and which is reliable.

All brochures and information you need during pregnancy you receive through this WebApp.

The information is divided into different periods of pregnancy to make it clear. Read the information which matches the duration of your pregnancy.

How to download the WebApp?


  • Open https://app.verloskundigenbreedstraat.nl/en/
  • Click on the icon at the bottom (middle icon with square and arrow).
  • Indicate that you want to add the site to your home screen.
  • Tap a (short) name, or select the suggestion appears.
  • Tap OK.
  • The WebApp will appear as an icon on your home screen.


  • Open your Android device’s browser (Google Chrome).
  • Go to https://app.verloskundigenbreedstraat.nl/en/
  • Click in Chrome on the icon with the star in the address bar to create a bookmark of the website.
  • Follow the instructions in the browser to save it as a favorite. In Chrome for example, you can customize the name and specify a location where the shortcut will be saved.
  • Open the settings menu in Chrome and select Bookmarks. It contains at least the bookmark you just created.
  • Tap the bookmark and hold down your finger. After about one second, a context menu with options appears.
  • Select ‘Add to Home Screen’.
  • Go back to the Android home screen. Here you find the shortcut. Drag it to where you want him.