Welcome at Midwifery Practice Breedstraat


After months of preparation for the birth, it has finally happened. The birth is now behind you and you can both finally begin to enjoy your baby.

The first 8 to 10 days after the birth are known as the maternity period. For some new parents this is a wonderful and exciting time but others experience this time as less positive. It is a very special time but sometimes also difficult. During this time the care of your newborn is at the centre of everything but also the physical recovery after the birth.  Disrupted sleep will take its toll and feelings of doubt are not unusual. It would probably be a good idea for your partner to have a few days off (work) during the maternity period.  You can then get to know your baby together at your own pace. During this period the maternity nurse can also teach you both how to best look after your little one.

In addition to care from the maternity nurse we are responsible for your overall care during the birth and will visit several times to perform maternity checks, discuss the birth with you and deal with any questions or breast feeding issues. Initially the maternity nurse will try to answer any of your questions and will keep a close eye on everything running smoothly. If there are any issues which require our attention, she will refer them to us for a solution. If you have any questions or concerns outside our maternity period visits, please contact us, preferably during office hours. If you have given birth at the hospital, they will notify us when you are due to go home. We will then visit you at home the following day. During the busier periods it may happen we will visit a day later than previously agreed, we will always let you know if this is the case.

If you have given birth at the hospital, the hospital notifies us when you go home. We will then visit you the next day. During busy periods it may be the case we visit later than this, but we will always contact you to discuss this.