A new intern, but a familiar face

Starting tomorrow, we have another midwife in training (VIO) coming for an internship! We always like to give future professional women the space to gain practical experience, but this time extra nice, the VIO is a familiar one: Madelief. You may have already seen Madelief or talked to her on the phone, because she is a substitute assistant with us!

Great that you can do your internship with us, welcome!

And although Madelief is well-known, she would like to introduce herself to you once more!

Dear future parents,

My name is Madelief, I am 23 years old and I will be doing my final internship at midwifery practice Breedstraat from March 25!

Every day my passion for the profession of midwifery grows. Seeing people become parents is something I find very special every time and I am really looking forward to graduating this year.

I will be doing my internship at Breedstraat from March 25 to June 27. You can meet me during this period during surgery, in the service (for deliveries) or in the maternity ward. If you’d rather not, please let one of the midwives know.

I am looking forward to it, see you soon!

Greetings Madelief






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