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You may have heard about it in the media. The 13-week ultrasound will be introduced from September first.

The 13-week ultrasound takes place during week 12+3 and 14+3 of your pregnancy. It is an extensive medical ultrasound in which physical abnormalities of the baby can be traced during an ultrasound. This ultrasound is performed by a sonographer from, for example, Focus.

The 13-weekultrasound is almost similar to the 20 week ultrasound. The difference is that your baby is smaller and less developed at the 13-week ultrasound. As a result, there is less visible than with the 20-week ultrasound, but some often serious abnormalities can already be seen. If follow-up examination is necessary, you have more time at the 13-week ultrasound to determine what to do with the results

It is not mandatory to have the 13-week ultrasound performed. During your intake at the practice, the midwife will discuss the 13-week ultrasound with you (and your partner). It is important to prepare well for this interview. More information that can help you with this preparation can be found further on our site and in this folder (only in Dutch) about the 13-week ultrasound of the RIVM.

Have you just become pregnant and are you wondering whether you are also eligible for a 13-week ultrasound? You are eligible for the ultrasound (from September 1) if your due date is February 27, 2022 or later.