Welcome at Midwifery Practice Breedstraat

Archives: februari 2021

Starting today have a new intern. Welcome Noureille!

Below she introduces herself to you.

Dear pregnant women and mothers of midwifery practice the Breedstraat,

I am Noureille, third year midwife in training at the midwifery academy in Amsterdam. From February 19 you will see me here for three weeks and from April 5 again for three weeks.

Together with the midwives, I will guide you in your pregnancy as much as possible, so that you and I can learn as much as possible from each other. I am really looking forward to starting here and getting to know everyone. Just like the Breedstraat midwives, I think it is important that you can look back on your pregnancy and delivery with a good feeling.

If you prefer not to see a midwife in training, this can also be indicated.