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The curfew is in effect on Saturday 23 January. This has consequences for everyone.

The curfew starts at 9:00 PM. The purpose of the curfew is to have as few movements in the street as possible in the evening and thus to ensure fewer mutual contacts. As midwives, we obviously do not want to create an extra burden for the police and boas. That is why we would like your attention for the following points:

– Emergency care will be possible at all times. We have an exemption from the curfew because of our profession. We can and may always go out on the street to provide your care!

– If we ask you to come to our practice or to the hospital after 21:00 because we consider this medically necessary, you do not need a statement for this. These are, for example, emergency consultations or a delivery. It is possible to download your own statement from rijksoverheid.nl/avondklok. In addition, if you like, you can have your pregnancy certificate with you as proof. You may have received this pregnancy certificate from us earlier in your pregnancy (for example to send it to your employer). Can you no longer find this statement or have you not received it? Then you can send us an email with your name and date of birth, and we will ensure that you receive the statement.

– If informal carers (such as babysitters, partner) have to go outside between 21.00-4.30 because you are going to give birth, they can make their own form (rijksoverheids.nl/avondklok). You can also give them your pregnancy certificate as additional proof.

– The evening consultation hours will stop at 8.30 pm so that there is enough time to be home before 9 pm. Do you already have an appointment after 8.30 p.m. in the period up to 9 February? Our assistant will contact you to reschedule this appointment.

– Come to the practice alone. Your partner is very welcome at the intake, ultrasounds and theconversation about the delivery! If there are other checks where you think it is important that yourpartner is there, please notify the assistant in advance. We can always make an exception.

We can imagine that these measures cause a (extra) feeling of loneliness. It is a fierce, challenging time.

We would love to let you know that we are available 24/7. We will get through this together, let us think along.

With best regards

The team of Midwifery Practice Breedstraat

P.S. You can find more information about the corona vaccine on our website https://verloskundigenbreedstraat.nl/blog/2021/01/12/coronavaccinatie/  Have you received a vaccination or will you receive it during pregnancy? Then register at www.moedersvanmorgen.nl so that they can research this.