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Archives: december 2020

Following the stricter lockdown that was announced last week, here is a wrap-up with measures in our practice.
First and foremost, good care always comes first in the care we provide! Even if you have corona-related complaints, you will receive the medical care you need. We are and will always be available.

The most important measures:
– Come to the practice alone. Your partner is very welcome at the intake, ultrasounds and the conversation about the delivery! If there are other checks where you think it is important that your partner is there, please notify the assistant in advance. We can always make an exception.
– Come to your appointment right on time. We try to prevent that you meet other clients in the waiting room. So don’t come too early or too late. If you are in the waiting room and there are other clients, keep 1.5m apart.
– We ask you to pay attention to the 1.5 meters distance together with us before, during and after the checkup. Of course, this is not possible when measuring blood pressure, external examination and ultrasound, but we observe the hygiene regulations. Try to talk as little as possible when you are closer than 1.5m to the midwife.
– During a visit to the practice it is mandatory to wear a face mask. We also wear face masks at the practice, during visits at home and during deliveries.
– During the maternity week we come by once for a visit, the other contact moments are by telephone. If it’s necessary we will visit you more often.

In addition, the following continues to apply:
– Do not come to the practice if you have complaints like a cold, cough, sore throat, fever (> 38 degrees) Please get tested if you have these complaints. If you have corona, let us know.
– Wash your hands regularly and sneeze / cough into your elbow
– Keep 1.5m distance from others.

We can imagine that you would rather come to the practice with your partner. Therefore, as soon as it’s possible, we will change this measure. Because we also prefer to see you together at the practice!

the Breedstaat team

We have a new version of our English webapp!

About being pregnant and giving birth there is a lot of information. We have made a selection for you of the information we think is important and which is reliable. All brochures and information you need during pregnancy you receive through this WebApp.

The information is divided into different periods of pregnancy to make it clear. Read the information which matches the duration of your pregnancy.

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