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Coronavirus/COVID 19

Update 14-5-2020

Dear expectant mother,

You may have already read it in the media: the corona measures are being relaxed at the moment. It is important to know that not all measures can be implemented immediately. Practicalities and internal organization sometimes require a period of transition. Also, regional policy may deviate from national relaxation of measures.

We ask for your patience and understanding. We would also like to thank you all for the enormous flexibility that you have shown in recent times and the extent to which everyone has shown willingness to adjust to the situation. Thank you very much from all of us!

From May 11th it is possible again to bring your partners (provided no issues) to ultrasound appointments!

From June 1st we will again work towards expanding our range of care plus some essential adjustments.

From June 1st we are able to schedule longer appointments again and allow you to bring a partner (or another companion) to the consultation.  However, we do advise to come alone as much as possible. If you have an appointment scheduled before June 1st, we ask you to come alone. If there is a significant reason that you need to bring your partner or another companion, please contact us to discuss options.  Unfortunately children are not yet allowed to visit the practice.

During the appointment we will endeavour to keep a distance of 1.5 metres.

It’s up to each individual to which appointment to bring a partner. An appointment where more details are discussed, such as the birth plan, can be a good time to bring your partner.

If this appointment takes place by telephone, your partner can of course listen and ask questions if needed.

Unfortunately we do not have much space in our practice waiting room. We will display instructions on how to use the space safely. If a consultation runs late, we may ask your partner to wait outside until your appointment begins. There are umbrellas in the waiting room, which are free to use.

Scheduling Appointments
From now on we plan the appointments according to the following schedule:

7/8 wks (early ultrasound on request) – 11 wks (ultrasound and intake) -16 wks – 20 weeks (20 weeks ultrasound at ultrasound centre) – 24-27-30-33-35-37-39-40 (etc) weeks.

Pregnant women between 16 and 27 weeks will experience a large gap between appointments. It is medically not necessary to have a check up again until you are 27 weeks, but you can request one before this time. So if you are between 16 and 27 weeks pregnant and need an extra appointment, please contact our receptionist to check availability.

Please note that we need a few minutes between appointments to clean the room for the next client. We will allow extra time for this, but keep in mind that the consultations will take about 10 minutes.

Some longer appointments (such as intake and discussing the birth plan) can be held over the phone. This method reduces personal contact.

Care at the hospital
From May 13th our local hospitals are again allowing you to bring a partner to most medical ultrasounds and emergency consultations.

Options such as a third person attending the birth are still subject to approval. For the time being, most hospital policy is back to normal. We hope to provide further information about this soon.

Do you have an intake scheduled? Before June 1st, these will take place over the phone. If you prefer to have your intake at the practice before June 1st, please email us.

If your intake is scheduled to take place after June 1st, it is your choice whether to do this over the phone or at the practice.  Please inform our receptionist of your preference. The Pregnancy Portal will tell you at which location your intake is scheduled.

CenteringPregnancy and information evening
Unfortunately, we cannot hold CenteringPregnancy sessions until further notice. We will continue to look into options to change this as soon as possible.

The information evening will also only be offered online until further notice.

A third companion (in addition to a partner) at home births is again permitted provided that a distance of 1.5 meters is kept. As mentioned earlier, this is not yet possible in hospitals.

Maternity Period
We will pay you a maternity visit one time, during the first week after the birth.

During the initial telephone consult we will discuss with you if and when you would like us to visit.  At other times we will contact you by phone to check how you are doing.  If a need arises for a home visit, we will of course arrange this with you.

Important! If you have concerns, please do not hesitate to ring us (at any time)!

In any case: if you, your partner or anyone else in your home have health issues such as a cold, sore throat (minor), cough, increase in temperature or fever and / or shortness of breath, do not come to the practice and contact us by telephone to reschedule the appointment! Please respect our health as well as your own.

Kind regards,

Midwifery Practice Breedstraat.